Vaccination of children

ockovani myty_informace5I greatly appreciate the fact that a top infectious disease specialist with twenty years of experience, preceded by a similarly long pediatric clinical practice, MUDr. Květa Batistová, has worked out a comprehensive and exhaustive expert article for Kameveda, on a topic that is extremely topical among parents - vaccination.

When my children were growing up, I was forced to take a stance on their vaccination, which was based on mere common sense, limited information, and the effort not to hurt the child. We vaccinated the children for all diseases which were in the "mandatory" box and refused all types of vaccinations that were beyond the scope of this mandatory vaccination. Still, I was struck by the feeling that I was not entirely sure I was doing the right thing. Information in this regard is unclear, often unfounded and frequently very contradictory. Just utter chaos.

We are now presenting you with one of the most valuable expert articles on the issue so far. After having studied it in detail, I finally feel that I can adopt a meaningful stance on the issue of the vaccination of children. In addition, I believe that it is possible to create a general idea of what is particularly important regarding this complex issue. I believe you will get a similar feeling after reading it too:

Today's time is overpsychologized. People are afraid about their health, information is pouring in on them from all sides, until they lose all reason, often on account of the fact that self-styled professional information is supported by research, whether known, invented or altered, which is published as unwavering truth. And this is the big problem of our time. Who can we trust and what can we believe? Experts or people who very emotionally portray the drama surrounding vaccination on the internet, offering their own insights, experiences, stories, and, on numerous occasions they lend credibility to their opinion with the title of MD. People in the position of laymen cannot verify what is true and what is fabrication. They are worried about their children who they do not want to hurt. They must choose. Choose from what is optimal for them and their child, because everything is not 100% positive in life. Everything has some pitfalls.

The truth, like any truth, always lies somewhere in the middle. Every extreme leads to an imbalance of truth. The truth, of course, is only true within the limits of its knowledge, and new findings can move it elsewhere. That is why it is necessary to maintain a healthy dose of "common sense". It is necessary to return to the roots from the beginning to the present and to ask ourselves what vaccination has brought us thus far. Has it been good or bad? The obverse and reverse of the same coin.

Detoxification of a child’s organs

sklenice-dzusuWhat is DETOXICATION? It means cleansing the body of waste products that accumulate in it over a long period.

If parents become interested in nutrition as an issue supporting their children in an already embarked upon endeavor, whatever the focus may be, they can sometimes fall into a unilateral preference in the area of sports for stimulants, supplements and a high proportion of sports nutrition. This is due to the fact that they must cover the high energy demands of the children,


who need to be kept in a performance-ready state, and as parents we see it as a fundamental objective, if possible, to ensure that they grow to the maximum extent, that they have the entire skeleton covered with high-quality and highly functional muscles and firm tendons and joints, adapted to the high physical demands.

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