Child upbringing

Why is it important to start in good time?

kamev"If a child doesn't get his spine(body) moving up to its full potential until the age of three, then further attempts of improving it will fail", says Petr Juda, who is top expert in several fields of activity. 


He became a Senior Doctor in medicine. He's the head of all-around development for coaches and young players in volleyball. He was also the Coach of the Czech National Volleyball Team and has been coaching the Extraliga-junior teams in Velké Meziříčí, where his teams have won several medals in the national championships. He transfers his passion for sport into his work and says that a real medical expert must have genuine enthusiasm and passion for what he's doing. That expert must enjoy his work, must be open for learning new things and must investigate deeper in every field of his activity. There is a need to be interested in every single detail which could be decisive at any specific critical moment. Petr has a working relationship with the Czech Republic's best known physiotherapist prof. Pavel Kolář. Petr is also interested in the latest sport science trends.

He says:

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