logo kameveda_RGBParents, who would love to bring up a happy, highly successful and all-round prosperous child, can be supported in their efforts by a very modern and effective helper. That helper is Kameveda, the new methododogy of education for children. Kameveda means Complex Multi-developmental Education for Children, in translation.

Kameveda focuses very distinctly on the stimulation of development immediately after the child's birth. It requires the uncompromising attention of the parents to their child, the child has the absolute first place in the hierarchy of family values. This is expressed by the fact that one of the parents develops and cares for the child full time for several years, plans its complex lifestly and dedicates all his/her energy to the child. And everything has to happen in a playful and spontaneous form with an immediate reaction to the child's feelings and conditions.

The main principle of Kameveda is its complexity, where the child is harmoniously stimulated to permanently perform activities to aid physical development, alternating with intellectual and artistic. Kameveda listens to the voice of the child, helps to reveal and develop its strongest features to their maximum from birth to its ultimate excellence in adulthood.

Kameveda is a "science" whose "graduates" will be able to move the limits of human possibilities in many attractive disciplines in the future. Kameveda can also be a very effective instrument in fighting the advancing degeneration of the population with its return to perfect physical condition, personality harmony, strong immunity and hardiness created in early childhood.

In practice, Kameveda represents the endeavour to accelerate the versatile development of a child before the age of three, to distinguish its strongest features, to follow them, to develop its potential in the most effective and modern ways in following years until the desired and significant achievement in the chosen discipline.

The influence of the philosophy of Kameveda is yet not over after education, as it aims for stabilization and maximum use of achieved goals, from now on, as well as security of the individual's long-term prosperity. Coping with wealth, fame and media attention is for Kameveda, a similar challenge as attaining the success itself.

Kameveda has been designed to be a close friend to those parents who wish for their child to be happy and successful, and not to create unrealisable or unachievable goals for them.

Because the most incredible chance of Kameveda is turning dreams into reality.

Kameveda is a product of Central Europe, it was established in the Czech Republic. From 2015 Kameveda will be regularly presented in English and may therefore benefit wonderful and loving parents all over the world.

To those parents who genuinely want the best for their children.

I can honestly assure you that Kameveda is the best even for Your Children. It is the best for every fortunate child who has the most loving and enormously devoted parents filled with positive energy.

My wish for Kameveda is that it brings happiness and wonderful adventures to your whole family and also the success and the deserved satisfaction in the end.

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