Methodology of Kameveda

Ball rebound walls help during the development of a child in sports

micova stena_rozvoj_ditete_sportMany coaches and parents underestimate the potential of ball rebound walls and consider them only as something tennis players use for increasing tennis stroke confidence. Ball rebound walls are a totally unique and irreplaceable resource for the development of a child. In terms of Kameveda, they are considered as one of the priorities of development from the age of five, whose importance actually increases with age.


I would like to highlight to parents the enormous development potential of ball rebound walls (BRWs) in this article, in a whole range of sports. In my opinion, BRWs should have a permanent and long-term place in technique development as well as specific physical preparation for systematically sporting children. I will try to support this conclusion with some information and my own experience. I will leave any additional steps to your discretion.

Forgotten childhood and the parents attitude towards to these signs of child's brain

thumb childhoodEnormously important initial period of human life is a space, whose intense exploitation is something Kameveda differs from other conception of education. Today, there exists a number of scientific evidence, that this is the modern understanding of the concept of new possibilities of children's education in families.


One such an experiment was made by the researchers at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. They chose 129 children from the poorest families. Some of them formed one group who regularly received extra nutritional benefits. Professional pedagogues were systematically visiting another part of these families and they were teaching the parents how to play with their kids, so that could help their development. At the same time, the pedagogues explained to parents the meaning of the whole education and the incitement to the development and its contribution to the development of the child's potential. The control group was not receiving the nutritional benefits or the parental seminars either, and their education did not significantly divert from the commonly practiced local standards.

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